Day 24: Thanksgiving…Already???

Thanksgiving is 1 day away! WAIT…have you developed your strategy to maneuver around the eating highs and lows of Turkey Day?  Let’s be real, we all know that I’m going to be eating on Thanksgiving Day, but I don’t have to go crazy because there’s dressing (not stuffing…lol) on the table!!  My strategy is to exercise and focus on filling myself up with veggies and meat and less starch & sweets.  PLUS…I have a coach (b.k.a. Hannah) that will be attached to my hip…please pray for me! LOL!

The point of Merry Fit-Mas is to increase your joy and not your waistline during the holiday season.  Changing a few things in your holiday routine will help you stay focused and not calling on Jesus to fix things in 2016 that you can fix yourself in 2015…ya dig?

So here are a few tips:

  1. Pace yourself throughout the day, eat small portions.
  2. Use a small plate and not that 10 ½ inch Mammoth your family uses.
  3. Drink more water than other beverages.
  4. Make exercise a part of your family time. Play tag or go for a walk.
  5. Last but not least, eat at someone else’s house and leave all that food over there…lol! Take home veggies and roasted turkey.

So: 34 Push-ups, 100 squats, 13,511 = 5.28 miles, 54 minutes of high activity!! 72 oz H2O, 4 servings of veggies, 3 meals. I’ve got to find a better way of reintroducing carbs after the 21 day fast. I haven’t been tracking my calories, which doesn’t work for me. Thus, I’ve had carbs, just not sure how much. I don’t think I have over indulged…net: tracking works, so don’t stop Karen.

Fam…Your goals have to be bigger than that piece of cake or plate of rice! #DoMode #MerryFitmas #CorrectNOTProtect #Noexcuses