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The Face Behind Do Mode™

August 2012 – Before I started my journey

After years of yo-yo dieting or no dieting at all, I was faced with an extra 155 lbs. of Karen. In August 2012, I began tackling the “elusive loss pound” by counting calories. For the first time in FOREVER, I kept off 20 lbs.…but I could not consistently find the motivation to continue going down the scale.

December 2012 after first 20 lbs lost

2013, I tried to enhance my calorie counting success by taking on the Shred Diet in early January and February, then The 100 in August. I did lose weight on both programs (10 and 13 lbs. respectively), but I could not maintain my progress. I went up and down the scale; I stayed frustrated and hurt at what I saw. I was following the programs, so…why didn’t it stick? One word…accountability, I will explain later. Plainly…2013 was challenging for me…preparing for divorce, progressing through major successes and issues in my career and battling the bulge, kept me in a state of constant stress.

May 2013 - Mother's Day
May 2013 – Mother’s Day

Like some of you, I tend to get stuck in comfort zones. I was comfortable in a mess. My marriage was done, my house was a mess, and my weight didn’t move. I struggled until December 2013. My then husband moved out and I began to put the pieces of my life together –starting with my environment. Ripping up carpet, recycling old furniture, and organizing our house and in the midst of all of this, I’m the mother of a talented and intelligent ten year old named Hannah Elizabeth, I was in do mode.

2014…in January I was dealing with my new reality, a single parent with a clean slate, with a job that made me exhausted and needing a break. I needed a change. I got wind of a 100 day exercise challenge on Facebook. I thought about it, but just filed it away. I kept seeing the progress of those participating and decided in February that I would take it on. On February 13, I started my 100 day challenge, not sure about how to do it, but doing it. Instead of keeping it to myself, I posted my daily progress on Facebook. THIS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY!! I was no longer working in the shadows, I was transparent to all my family and friends. Thus began my weight loss journey.

2014-05-24 19.33.21
May 2014 – At the end of my first Challenge: 42 by 42

Restarting at 265, I set transparent goals and asked my Facebook community to hold me accountable. 15 days into my journey, I was hit with a MAJOR BLOW. I was affected by a resource action. Net: I was going to lose my job after 16 plus years of service. I was blown away…BUT having every reason to give up on my health…I KEPT going forward with my 100 day challenge. My belief in God and this challenge saved my sanity….it kept me grounded in the midst of chaos.

Losing my career was like going through a second divorce. I went through a period of rest that moved into depression BUT I maintained my goal to exercise for 100 days. Calling it my 42 by 42 Challenge. The phrase Do Mode™ made its first appearance in my posts…little did I know then, God was preparing me to share my journey with you. At the end of the challenge, I was 20 lbs. lighter and beginning to work through the process of understanding “who is Karen”. The remarkable part was a couple of friends were motivated and inspired to do something about their own health because of my journey. I was SO EXCITED for them!!!

Challenge #2 “Finito” – September 2014

So what did I do? I started a new 100 day challenge on July 1st! Moving through this challenge, I learned more about identifying what caused me to binge eat. It helped me to pay close attention to my patterns (I’m still learning). I also felt a level of rejuvenation, as God began to speak to me regarding the next steps of my life. I admit, I was still numb, but I guess God felt I was ready. He aligned me with some powerful people who spoke (and still speak) into my life and Do Mode™ began to take shape. I realized that motivating and encouraging others to get moving on their own health journey was important to me and it helped to get me out of bed in the morning.

At the end of Challenge #2, I was another 16 lbs. lighter and ready to pour my heart into getting Do Mode™ off the ground.

With Do Mode still in progress, Challenge #3 began on October 1, 2014. The Merry Fit-Mas challenge was designed to change our mindset from the traditional holiday indulgences. Through Thanksgiving and Christmas, the objective was to eat healthy and exercise. I’m  happy to report, that I exercised on both holidays! It was amazing!  Never before had I exercised on Thanksgiving Day, who does that??  ME!

So here we are 68.5 lbs lighter and launching my blog…Do Mode™. Do Mode™ is not just a weight loss diary, it’s a judgment free zone, an interactive space where you are motivated to ensure your weight management goals DO happen! Join me in my doing journey…Do Mode™!

January 2015
January 2015