Day 16: What’s A Birthday Without Cake??

NOPE!! It’s not my national holiday, but my Dad and only child celebrate their November 16th in separate states. I’m a birthday lover, so they are pretty big in our house…AND THEY NEVER COME WITHOUT CAKE!! Until today, we celebrated Hannah’s 11th birthday at Houston’s.  Cake didn’t even CROSS my mind until we were midway through dinner and I realized, there isn’t going to be an 11 atop a big round mass of sugar, flour and butter…YIKES!!  Dessert was ordered (buy the sugar consuming folks) and the waitress put a candle in the ice cream that sat on the brownie that I secretly coveted (but not so much)!! I was saved…whew! Birthdays just are right without that candle and sugar!!

I’m pretty proud to say that i didn’t have any tortillas with my spinach dip, nor did I score any of Hannah’s shoe string fries!!  WHO IS THIS WOMAN???  LOL…I am amazing myself…whether I like it or not. I did have a “I don’t want to see another green leaf or cucumber” kind of day…but I pressed through it.  I know that I’m going down this path to reach a better me…it just ain’t no crystal stair!

So: 27 Push-ups, 80 squats, 10.512 = 4.11 miles. 48 oz H2O, 4 servings of fruit/veggies, 3 meals, on tract with calories.

Fam…what are you willing to give up to get to the best you?? #DoMode #MerryFitmas #CorrectNOTProtect #Noexcuses