Welcome to Do Mode™!

I’m so glad that you are here…so let’s hit the ground running! Today, February 13 marks one year since I began using challenges to promote weight loss. So to celebrate, you guessed it, I will begin a 100 day healthy eating and exercise challenge that will end on my birthday, May 23, 2015! How cool is that?? If you are looking for a way to get ready for the summer, then COME ON IN!

Challenge #1: DO MODE Launch

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to battle the bulge? Only to find on Jan 10, that they were already a distant memory? Well, February 13, 2015 is here!! Let’s begin this 100 day journey to healthy eating and exercise in preparation for all the summer fun! We can’t look for healthy results on June 1, by starting on May 15…we must start NOW! So let’s get into DO MODE!

Focus: Healthy Eating & Exercise

  • Exercising for 100 days (yes even on Easter).
  • Eating 5-6 meals a day within your daily caloric intake range (use the myfitnesspal app to determine).
  • Include 4-6 servings of veggies/fruits
  • Include 8+ glasses of H2O
  • Last meal 2-3 hours BEFORE bed
  • Post your daily progress or trial. We are here to support each other.

Don’t let this overwhelm you…preparation will remedy the fear. Get prepared by:

  • Visualizing the new you on 5/23/15.
  • Setting weekly realistic goals.
  • Go grocery shopping weekly with a list in hand.
  • To stay within your caloric intake range, you must track the food you eat.
  • Get a food scale & measuring spoons/cups
  • Lastly, DO this for YOU!

Remember this is a JOURNEY, not a sprint. DILIGENCE & DETERMINATION are the keys!

Fitness Schedule:

You can also follow our fitness schedule on Facebook at Do Mode.