Day 2: Merry Fit-Mas Eating Update

It was no joke today…the mind games played cause I wanted some starch, were super strong. I had to keep my goal in the foreground. 96 oz of water (you know I’m overflowing…lol), 5 meals, 7 servings of veggies/fruit, stayed within caloric intake. Fam…this journey takes every bit of grace…

Day 1: Merry Fit-Mas Eating Update

Day 1: Merry Fit-Mas Eating Update I had a good day: 88 oz of water, 4 servings of veggies, stayed within caloric intake. Fruit as a night cap. Fam…we have to get serious about our health!! Play time is over! ‪#‎DoMode‬ ‪#‎MerryFitmas‬